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Style (wp)blog on xenforo site

I am the owner of Schaatsforum.nl a Dutch skating community. I am looking to install an extra wp blog to the site (schaatsforum.nl/blog) with some RSS feeds from various news-sources.

The idea is that the visitors of the site are able to see the latest skating news + latest blogposts on the homepage. Then there is a video wordpress installed already, I would like to show the most popular videos on the homepage too. I would like you to install this on a testdomain first so that I can test it before we do the real install.

Is this possible? Which parts are very complicated? What would the costs be for this project? I am interested to start this project right away. If you have questions, please ask them in this thread.
Forumcube did a very good job! He not only delivered everything I needed in less than a week, it was also very affordable! I highly recommend these guys.

Look at Schaatsforum.nl to see the result