XF 1.5 How to hide/remove date from search engine on Xenforo site?


Hi, is there anyone here know how to hide/remove date from search engine?

I want to remove date from search engine to make my site more SEO, because if there a post that to old, it's rarely being visited by visitor.
Moreover, just because of the date indicated in the articles belonging to the old article, the article is considered to have expired by visitor, but they are not.

Because of that, I want to remove the date from the search engines.

Sorry for bad english, i hope you understod what i'm saying and reply for the solution :)


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I'm pretty sure Google is just figuring that out by what's in the page -- there's no special markup around the dates. That'd mean that you'd basically have to remove the dates for all guests.

The only other place I could see something coming from is the sitemap, but in that case, you'd basically need to disable the sitemap.