Blog or Forum Software?


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Around 2008 until now I've been slowly developing forum software. I'm wondering if I should continue this, and maybe someday release it for free, or if I should turn it into blog software (such as Wordpress), and release it very soon.

As a forum software, I wouldn't try to compete with MyBB or Xenforo or anything. As a blog software, I wouldn't try to compete with Wordpress. I'd simply try to add features that I think belong and you guys don't have.

What do you think? Forum or blog software?


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I would suggest something like CMS unique and simple to use compatible with forum software like Xenforo :p


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A blog software would also be compatible with Xenforo. :)
Wordpres is enough for blog works and i want to see something new like Xenforo . Joomla is common these days and there are too many sites showin up with Joomla frontend but i want something very unique and simple everyone run for big things but i would pick over it even if it's small and more promising then old stuffs that are lying all over net.


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The most important part of these scripts you are working on would be the security factor, if Russian hackers have an easy time injecting Viagra redirection links into your blog network database (this took the entire blog network down until we restored an old DB) like they did with an unnamed blog software product I have run, then you really have nothing, scripts have to be updated constantly, when developers give up and quit working, those running their old scripts with holes in them are doomed.

I have also seen spambot operators out of China create blogs even when all email addresses were blocked to new registrations, so some of these hackers really know how to defeat security measures, just like they did to Gmail with gmail account creation scripts.