Third party Bing/Yahoo Cached Pages


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This is how XenForo looks on Bing + Yahoo cached pages.


It obviously gets worse when you scroll down the page.

On Chrome it displays on the right side of the page and on Firefox 23 it displays on the left.


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What is this Bing and Yahoo you're speaking of?

But on a serious note, I'm pretty sure this is a Service Issue. Not sure the devs can do anything about it.

Jon W

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The issue is because Bing adds content before the <!DOCTYPE html> tag and the page is therefore prevented from being displayed as HTML 5.

When this happens, the browser stops distinguising between uppercase and lowercase in class names. XenForo has 2 classes: 'sidebar' and 'Sidebar' that are then assumed to be the same thing, which screws up the whole page.

As @Vincent says, this is probably a Service Issue because Bing/Yahoo should really not turn a HTML 5 page into a non-HTML 5 page. That being said, it could be fixed by not having multiple classes that differ only by their character case like 'sidebar' and 'Sidebar'. I would imagine it would be at least 1.3 before this would even be considered though.