Using the audio player to play music on profile pages.

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Was wondering if it would be possible, for site members to upload a song of theirs to the media gallery as mp3 etc. Then use that song on their profile pages to promote it. My site is all about music and artist, and being an artist myself, it would be a cool way for people to be greeted when they come to your profile page. Right now I am using Youtube videos for this, but rather use an audio player instead.

  • Upload audio file Wav Mp3 etc...
  • Setting to enable audio to play on the profile page
  • Setting to have audio file autoplay when the page loads.
  • Setting to put the audio player in the sidebar etc.
  • Settings to change the color of the audio player to the color of choice.
Just jumped into photoshop and did a ruff idea.

Quick side note: I would also like to use the audio player on nodes so audio could play as background sound.


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Then use that song on their profile pages to promote it.

I wanted something like this

but the audio file would play when you opened a specific thread.
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