Big December Summer Blowout!

Right, we’re fed up with all this Black Tuesday Cyber Saturday nonsense, so here, have a lovely chunk of discount on XenForo products until 2019.
  • XenForo $125
  • XenForo 1 year extension $35
  • XF Media Gallery $55
  • XF Resource Manager $55
  • XF Enhanced Search $45
Note that the extension price listed here is the base extension price for XenForo. If your license has any of our add-ons attached to it, these will automatically be included in the extension price.

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In January, when the sale period ends, the XenForo product price list, excluding VAT where applicable, will be as follows. Prices in blue represent the 1 year extension cost:
  • XenForo $160 / $55
  • XF Media Gallery $65 / $15
  • XF Resource Manager $65 / $15
  • XF Enhanced Search $55 / $10
  • Installation Service $50
  • Upgrade Service $50
  • Branding Removal $300
We’ve been receiving quite a lot of questions about the discounted XenForo 1 year extension. Please note that if you have licenses for XFMG, XFRM or XFES, the cost of their renewal is automatically added to the XenForo renewal price.

XFMG and XFRM each add $15 to the 1 year extension while XFES adds $10.
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