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Beta 5 question

Discussion in 'XenForo Questions and Support' started by ExpertPixels.com, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. ExpertPixels.com

    ExpertPixels.com Well-Known Member

    Hey all,

    Sorry not been keeping up with things of late, been away from the pc for a bit, anyways i am deeply considering transferring my Battlefield3Forums.com website to XF, but i think i should wait until we are passed "Beta" as much as i know XF would still hold up now i think i will wait as i can't afford time updating all the time.

    Anyways lol... my question is how long will we be on Beta #5 for ? and will the next update be a Final or another Beta ?

    Also i am a style / skin / theme blah blah blah designer and would like to offer some premium work, it's just after the vBulletin 4x rubbish (pointless updates that never address anything every few days) was really a big let down and made it impossible to release solid work for the community so if anyone could give me a rough time frame / a quick run down on whats to come that would be great.

    Cheers guys
  2. Mike

    Mike XenForo Developer Staff Member

    We're trying to move to a stable version as quickly as we're able (based on our confidence in the software). The next release definitely wouldn't be a final release though.
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  3. ExpertPixels.com

    ExpertPixels.com Well-Known Member

    Cheers mike, really want to spend some time on some XF styles, just hard after everything i went through with vBulletin 4 styles so i think i might wait it out a little, Thanks again
  4. Peggy

    Peggy Well-Known Member

    You will absolutely love XF, I can promise you that.
  5. Trombones13

    Trombones13 Well-Known Member

    I'd suggest at least familiarizing yourself with the way styling works in XF now just to get a feel for it. I can tell you that it's really easy to do, though; I've only done one other theme (and it was just color changes) for vB, and this is really simple to pick up. If you'd rather wait, that's fine, lol, but I don't see an issue with starting now. :D *inserts two cents*
  6. ExpertPixels.com

    ExpertPixels.com Well-Known Member

    Yep i am keeping a close eye on this :) playing around on my localhost for now, it's just with vBulletin i started designing styles from day one of VB4 and well with all the updates / problems it made it very difficult to keep my customers happy, i am referring to VB4STYLE.com (which i have since sold) but yeah it was causing a few headaches having to provide updates every few days lol, Very impressed with XF tho, the style system has a lot of potential and i hope to be able to provide some top notch styles very shortly, i am now focusing on CMSTemplateZ.com and will most likely release some Beta #5 styles in the coming weeks so that the XF community have some more options, it just gets difficult when you release 10+ styles and one day you wake up and find 100's of emails / pm's asking for style updates lol.. vBulletin 4 really did my head in and i don't want to make the same mistakes again.

    Thanks for the replies / feedback.

    Regards, Darren

    Kier... If you see this... I still have several XenForoStyles.net type domains sitting in my GD account, still waiting for you to provide your GD info (which ive requested a few times now) so i can push the domains to the rightful owners (ive also been getting some very nice offers for these lol)... Before anyone pays me out about this i purchased these before XF was officially a company / business.
  7. Mike

    Mike XenForo Developer Staff Member

    Submit a ticket about that then please: http://xenforo.com/contact/

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