Lack of interest Beta 5 Facebook integration suggestions


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I've just read about the new Facebook integration features, which are most useful.

It would be nice to take this further. Just recently I've been using Wordbooker which is a plug-in for Wordpress. What Wordbooker does is allow articles to be automatically be posted to Facebook, and then pulls in additional data later on.

The best thing about it is that if someone comments on the link on Facebook the comment gets posted to the original site article as well. And if someone posts a reply on the original article, then that gets pasted onto the Facebook comments thread too.

Could this be an option? (the bit in bold)


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No one interested in this functionality? I'm surprised, in Wordpress it works really well.

Would be good if someone shares a thread on Facebook, replies from Facebook are pulled in (perhaps with text saying "posted via Facebook") to the thread to provide more discussion.


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Yeah I gotta say I do like the idea of content coming from facebook, however this has a problem IMO. Just for example if I have rules saying no xyz content then I would struggle to moderate that from facebook. Although if Im completely honest I think I would still use the feature and put up with the moderation LOL