Beta 3 Account Upgrades Not Processing

Anthony Parsons

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My lastest install is using a fresh install of the beta3 software, and account upgrades are being processed from Paypal back to the software. It takes the money, and returns to merchant, but doesn't add the usergroup to the users account.

I have a beta1 site that I upgraded to beta3, its account upgrades work, but I only used the upgrade package for that site... where the new site used the full beta3 package.

Maybe there is an issue with the full download version vs. upgraded version?

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
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Here are some things you can check:

1) Make sure your board URL is correct as that is used to build the callback URL:

Admin CP -> Home -> Options -> Basic Board Information -> Board URL

2) Note that the paypal callbacks don't work if your forum is behind a htaccess login.

3) Login to your paypal account and make sure the payment in question is listed as completed.

Anthony Parsons

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Hey Jake,
  1. Board URL is correct, without a trailing slash, and the home URL goes to the home page.
  2. Site is open to the public
  3. Transactions are processing as completed in paypal.
I went and tested my other beta3 install, which was a beta1 updated to beta3, it works perfectly.

This install is fresh beta3, no upgrade to it... that is the only difference.


Excellent, glad it's not a bug. I can stop going through paypal 'received' vs the premium accounts on our forum to make sure we didn't miss one :) (all seems fine so far)


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Just curious what did you make the mistake on so to be carefull I dont do the same, because I plan to use account upgrades as well.

Anthony Parsons

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The system had changed the default paypal address... not sure why... maybe to do with the donate mod I installed, maybe not... no real idea. It worked initially when I tested it... then suddenly I got messages that things weren't working, and it reverted for some reason. Just not sure why.