No such thing as a truly Managed Xenforo host?


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I was looking around and there are a few Xenforo webhosts that kinda specialize in hosting Xenforo but to date everything I have looked at is just KINDA.

Lets dream a little and think what would be incredible....

1. A webhost that starts a new forum on a starter package and resells all the Xenforo licensing and does the initial install. (I just pay the bill)

2. If I want to make a change I can pay an hourly fee or a predetermined fee.

3. They bill me for the license renewal and addons as I need them.

4. They automatically (or I ask) upgrade my package as the site grows.

5. They have a specialist available if the site comes under attack and we need to increase security.

6. They are capable of handling outgoing notification emails for me automatically so I don't have to worry about the 100 emails per hour limit.

I understand there are services the bigger forums use to assure notification emails are delivered without imposing limits on outgoing but to me that would be part of a fully hosted solution. In other words, whoever looks after my account sets that up. I cannot see any Xenforo site not wanting to get the notification emails delivered.

So as much as I have read and there are a number of webhosts that say they do things and a few private members on this forum that claim the same, I see no actual service that actually specifies they handle all of this.

There is another Forum software that has a cloud hosted version and I test drove it. It was pricey but I would have paid it no issues because they seem to take the technical aspects away from the board admin and all one has to do is worry about running the forum. Thing is I personally do not care for that software because I used them on a larger forum I used to own and I much prefer the direction Xenforo is going in.
There is another Forum software that has a cloud hosted version and I test drove it
xenForo Cloud ;)

Has that serviced launched yet and will they also assure me the notification emails will go out regardless how big the forum gets?

Will they allow a newbie to join the beta testing group if it has not been officially released?

I have hope now, this sounds exactly like what I need.
I know of a company that's been offering this for 2+ years, either as a full package including hosting, or a service contract on other hosting. You have to pay for the license yourself since XF doesn't allow sub-leasing*. And it's not in beta. And there's a second company I know of which offers most, but not all of the above.

*From what I can see this may have issues with laws some nations have concerning license resale and leasing - including the U.K. and E.U. nations.

I know this post runs counter to the push for XF's upcoming cloud, but the OP asked if it was offered. :)
I host XenForo sites for some of my clients (mostly private forums for businesses or associations) - but I offer a full turn-key service where I'm also the administrator of the site. It's also not cheap and not really suitable for non-business use.

Outbound emails are not a problem - I run all of my sites through my SparkPost account, currently sending in excess of 80,000 emails per month.

I would think that XenForo Cloud is more likely what you need.
I do similar with outbound mail for the larger sites I host. I set them up through my AWS account to use SES. Depending on which server I’m hosting them on I use specific AWS regions and delivery rate is excellent for around 250,000 mails per month.
Thank you everyone, I had read many positive things about @MattW & @MySiteGuy and I may come back to try services by you because I am launching 3 forums and I have a couple to migrate.

For now I am very intrigued by the Xenforo Cloud offering and hopefully my new venture on will be live soon because I just signed up for Xenforo Cloud. I hope to have that community all over the social media sites by early January. I will be paying companies that specialize in social media to get this site noticed.

I will explain what is when it goes live so for now stay tuned.

Thank you @Brogan & @Chris D for all the help behind the lines.

PS. and one surprise site will also be launching soon.
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Welcome aboard!

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