MG 1.1 best way to migrate media from vBulletin Plug-in


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Hello guys,

we are currently converting our vBulletin to XenForo and most of the things already work. (y)

We have also bought the Media Gallery to replace a custom vBulletin Plug-in called vBgarage which our users used to create a "garage" for each of their cars, post a description and upload some photos.
Over 420 users created a garage, way too many to add them all by hand and I really would love to integrate them into the Media Gallery.
I thought of some database queries to fill the xengallery_* tables but the structure is rather complex with several tables involved and multiple entries for a single album.

Has anyone of you written a custom importer or a script that allows me to automatically create an album for a specific user?

Chris D

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I'm not aware of anyone writing a vbGarage importer/script for the Gallery. I'm certain it would be possible, though you would either need to write this yourself or pay someone to do it.

We have a "Custom service and development requests" forum which you could post in to find a developer.