XF 1.5 Best way to handle returning spammers?


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Got this message from an admin and am not sure of the answer. It's about spammers that keep coming back:

Anh046214 - nguyenthanhnhuhongngocv.iendong@gmail.com
Anh124824 - nguyenthanhnhuhongngoc.viendong@gmail.com
both (already a banned IP)

Bao924558 - nguyenthanhnhu.hongngocviendong@gmail.com (already a banned IP)

Mai823740- nguyenthanh nhuhongngocviend.ong@gmail.com

We get Spam Logs under the entry like:
StopForumSpam matched (email: 206, ip: 1)
Or just the email match if it's a new IP variation

latest one from this morning (using IP already banned)
Mai823740 (nguyenthanhnhuhongngocviend.ong@gmail.com)

Since this yodel has been coming back and back, I'm thinking that banning the various emails would be a better tack than the IPs, which doesn't seem to deny applying. But given how he/she moves periods and spaces around in the email addies, are there any wildcards we could use to limit the total number of entries I'd have to make?
Unfortunately each permutation would be required. (They're actually the same email because of a Gmail-specific design decision, so it's not necessarily generalizable.)
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