XF 2.2 Best upgrade path from PHP 5.6/XF 1.4.2 to PHP 8/XF 2.2


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Hi, I'm trying to move vhosts and upgrade XenForo in the process.

My current (old) host is PHP 5.6.35 and I am on XenForo 1.4.2 (both quite old and unsupported).

The new host is PHP 8.0.7, and I want to upgrade all the way to the latest version of XenForo (huzzah!)

I have a localhost configured with PHP 7.4.

I've tried a straight import of my 1.4.2 SQL dump into both PHP 7.4 and 8.0. Unsurpisingly, neither work.

I've been hoping to avoid upgrading the live forum in place, but it seems that would be the best thing to do. I could potentially upgrade the current vhost to a newer PHP, but that might break the 1.4.2 forum.

So can anyone advise which would be the best stepping stone XenForo version?

I propose to upgrade in place on the live server (PHP 5.6), then take a SQL dump and import that into my PHP 7.4 or PHP 8.0 hosts to complete the rest of the upgrade.

Would XF 1.5.24 be suitable as the intermediate version?


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More or less all sorted now.

Gotta say, apart from a few relatively minor niggles, upgrading from XF 1.4 and PHP 5.6 to XF 2.2 and PHP 8.0 went a lot more smoothly than I'd feared it would.

Got a few things to sort out with out of date template mods and the like, but overall it's been breezy. Great job XF team!