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Stuart Wright

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At AVForums we have a variety of threads like most forums do. Some threads are chit chat. Some threads contain interesting questions and valuable answers, along with some incorrect answers, useless opinion and off topic crap.

Usefully answered questions are one of the the most valuable assets of a forum. They grow into an archive of helpful information pertinent to the topic of your forum. They also help get you into Google for topics relevant to your audience.

But threads are often bloated with irrelevant replies and are hard going for people wanting to find a quick answer to the question asked in the first post. So I was thinking about how we could help our members find the best answer.

A voting system seems the best way. Give people the option of voting for one of the replies as the best answer and then display a prominent link to that reply under the first post. *Best Answer*.

But since not all threads ask a question and voting for a best reply is not appropriate in all threads, we need to differentiate between those threads asking a question and those not.
Do we give the thread starter the option of allowing people to vote for the best answer?

When voting for the best answer, should we allow people to vote for only one reply?
Should we allow people to change their minds?

Do we show a link to one reply voted the best? Or to more? The top 5?

Having a 'best answer' voting button might encourage people to interact with the forum more and provide a useful short cut to the best answer amongst a sea of replies.

I think this is a suggestion worth considering. What do you think? Please Like this post if you agree.
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