Alerts to prompt people to select a best answer for their question thread

Stuart Wright

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In my experience from using a Q&A addon for Xenforo 1, folks who have asked a question very often do not bother to pick the best answer.
Can we please have an option to nag them periodically to pick an answer once they have replies to their thread with upvotes?
Please like this suggestion if you agree that this would help correctly manage threads which need marking as solved.
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The other option is to have them automatically marked as solved when a single reply gets a set number of upvotes.
I don't like this because most votes does not = best answer it simply means most votes. Many "solved" answers may actually be the minority.

I don't like the idea of a "reminder" alert either. It's an alert that is telling someone something they already know and is not based on an action. Most forums are people asking things, so I imagine this will be used heavily, especially with the way XF has integrated it. If I have 20 questions I don't want 20 new alerts.

I do like the idea of some kind of reminder. And I do feel it should be action-based. Perhaps something like if your question receives an answer after "X" days or "X" answers, the normal alert that you would get is amended. So for example:

When the question is still new the alert may say:
member answered your question How do I do this?

After "30" days or "15" answers, the alert changes to:
member answered your question How do I do this?, would you like to mark it Solved?

Well, something like that. You are reminded to mark it with one of the normal alerts so you don't have a new alert type.
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Stuart Wright

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Having members mark their questions as solved when they have a certain number of upvoted replies is just good housekeeping.
The XF team may already be planning alerts for when a reply is upvoted. In that situation, a reminder to mark it as solved is trivial.
However, if a thread has gone a while without being marked as solved, the OP could get a reminder alert prompting them to mark it as solved or reply with further information to get more replies.