bbcode open link in new tab


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To make info and guide pages it's often helpful to make links open in a new tab. Then my reader can go on following the guide, and do as instructed in 2 separate pages.

Of course we can keep telling them to open another tab/ page but so much more elegant (and foolproof) to make the link do it,

What chance could there be of adding a link button to do this to the bbcode editor?

Mr. Goodie2Shoes

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A simple code edit can do the trick... and another way is to use a 'shortened' version of the link, which xenforo will automatically render to show it on a new tab/window.

Mr. Goodie2Shoes

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what I meant is shorten the help url with and use it to link the resource... XenForo will use the link as an external link, thus adding the 'target="_blank"' attribute ;)

Chris D

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It may also be worth speaking to cclaerhout (Cédric) as he recently released some improvements to the URL BBCode that allows you to add a "title" attribute to URLs.

He may be willing to explore adding a target attribute also. Seems like a logical progression.