XF 2.2 How to hide "open picture in new tab" from context menu ?


When you press right click on a background image or header image or what else,
it opens a context menu and you can open pictures in new tab an look at them at full res.
Or you can save the image to your device / pc.

There are some websites and even forums that didnt have that entrys in the context menu.
They basically protect the images from being copied, downloaded or otherwise.

How to do that ?
marking is also not possible in such a case.
I would like to know how this is done.
Is there a possibility to do something like this with extra.less entry or how do you do that?
yea i know that. And i also know that over the console / dev tools of a browser you can check and get a lot of information and data.
But i wanna also hide that option. Or a complete righclick / marker lock.
That would be very cool
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