Third party BB Editor: Can't finish [list] inside [spoiler] (inside [list])

Affected version
BB Code editor insists on wrongly finishing SPOILER before LIST.

Here's an example BB Code after being processed by the "editor":
[*]First item
[SPOILER="Spoiler here"] Some text here
[*]Do work
[*]Go home
This renders an empty bullet point right after SPOILER ends. No matter how I manually correct the BB Code, the editor insists on changing it such that [/LIST] ends AFTER [/SPOILER] instead of before (like I manually wrote it).


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I can confirm this for 2.0.12.

A related bug is with QUOTE and INDENT bbcodes. If you try to use block quote where the end of that quote is indented, QUOTE is inserted before the /INDENT.

Easy to correct manually but nonetheless an annoyance.


This is the beginning of the quote.

This is an indented passage at the end of the quote.

This is what the source bbcode looks like:

[QUOTE]This is the beginning of the quote.

[INDENT][I]This is an indented passage at the end of the quote.[/QUOTE][/I][/INDENT]


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This isn't really exactly solveable at this time. Technically, the BB code is very likely correct for the way it is submitted via the editor, though it may not be what's intended. Fundamentally, it's a difficulty with mixing block-level "raw" BB code with real markup.

For example if you have this: (screenshot)


Then the literal BB code would be something like:
[*]Text here[/SPOILER]
And that's correct for how the text has been entered. The spoiler close would have to be moved after the list item to do what you're likely intending -- it is possible to do this, though it likely requires a bit of text wrangling. (The same logic applies for quotes with indents.)

In future, we may render a slightly more WYSIWYG-style spoiler or quote block and that should mostly negate this particular issue. Until that happens though, I don't think we'll be looking to change anything here.
And that's correct for how the text has been entered.
It's a correct rendering of the BB Code. But it's not a correct interpretation by the BB Code Editor.

My point was: load valid BB Code (spoiler ending after list) into BB Code editor and save it again. Now, without ever touching anything, you automatically get the spoiler ending before the list ends. When editing a saved post while previously being the the "raw" BB Code editor (the non-visual mode), no alteration is done and the BB Code continues to be correct.

So it's not a problem with BB Code but the editor and that should be solvable.


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So I can't reproduce the exact behavior of what you've showed (where the spoiler close moves up), but I can now reproduce an issue that is specific to the nested list situation you're demoing -- it doesn't apply if the spoiler itself isn't in a list. This is an underlying bug in the RTE we use. I've reported it here: