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Cannot reproduce Batch Update Users not working as expected

Stuart Wright

Well-known member
After an import, I have 4 members who have Team Administrator as their primary user group.
I'm doing a batch import.
  1. Search for users with Team Administrator as their primary usergroup.
  2. 4 users found.
  3. I choose to set their primary usergroup to Member 1 and secondary usergroup Team Administrator and run the batch process.
  4. It completes.
I do step 1 again with the same results.


XenForo developer
Staff member
I just did that and it seemed to work correctly for me. Are the users actually changed? Note that super admins will never be updated by this.


XenForo developer
Staff member
I don't see any obvious reason for this to happen, and as noted it worked correctly for me.

I assume you have a staging area of some sort - can you confirm with add-ons disabled? If so, if I can get access I should be able to debug further.

Anyone else able to reproduce this?