XF 1.5 Banned User not Showing as Banned


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A user was put into "Banned Users" secondary user group by one of my moderators.

I was told he also used the Spam Cleanup on this user.

This user is still showing in my Admin area, and the dropdown says their primary usergroup is "Registered Users".

There are no secondary usergroups checked.

I see nothing indicating that this user was banned, as their signature is still present on their profile (only in the admin I see this).

Yet strangely, all their posts were wiped so it says "0".

I am trying to unban this user and bring them back, but there's nothing for me to change in the admin. Nothing says banned.

When I tried to compose a message to them in the conversation system, it did not auto-complete their username like it would for active users.

Is there a second area of the admin that I need to unban them from? Possibly a spam cleanup list of usernames or something?

EDIT: Okay so I randomly clicked on "Banned Users" left sidebar Admin, and for some reason he is listed there. Why doesn't his user settings say anything about being banned? This page really should be displaying his status as banned, even if he was banned using the Spam Cleanup tool. This was very confusing.

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Usergroups have no connection to banned users, unless you set the system to assign a user to a usergroup when a user is banned for styling purposes.

When a user is banned, there'll be a link at the top of the admin user edit page.

None of the user biographical data is removed when the spam cleaner is run (such as Signature etc.), but all content by the user is removed.

If you go to AdminCP->Tools->Spam Cleaner Log you can reverse the spam cleaning of a user, so that the content is restored (if XF is configured to only soft delete spam cleaned content).