XF 2.2 all user not showing up on email generated list (when emailing users)


Hello, We are currently emailing all our users on our forums we have over 60k users register on the forum however when we do a test with the generated user list it only shows just over 11k users. we do have mostly everything tick except for the "Only send to users opting to receive news and update emails" is there like some type of limitation cause what I said should have everyone listed


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I misunderstood.

XF will only send to valid accounts.
If you can check one which isn't in the list it most likely has a state other than valid.


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I did just try that here and while the process was slow and pretty rough on the browser, I did get a full list of users (over 100,000).

It's possible the issue is that you selected groups in the "secondary user groups" option. The default here shouldn't have anything selected. By selecting those values, I suspect you were limiting the results to people that actually had one of those groups. A newly registered user wouldn't have any secondary groups.