XF 2.2 Banned member showing in "Members Online" panel with strikethrough


What exactly does this mean? I've banned the user through username and IP, so are they trying to access the forum still?

I read in another thread that "Only staff can see the strikethrough on members" which makes sense, but I'd just like to know what it means that they're visible in the Members Online panel. Thanks!


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Basically when banned they don't have the means to log out so if they visit the site even though they don't have access to their accounts 'members online' will show them as visiting.


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Yes and I appears in the members profile as a last visited date
And in their IP addresses last visited

I suppose in someways it is useful as we can see if they are still interested in our forum

Just as an heads up if a member asks to leave, or if they are banned by me, or If I want to delete them in all cases as far as XF is concerned I Ban them
That was I can lift the ban if they want to come back
Also XF has them on file if they try to start a new account!