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  1. M

    XF 2.2 Banned member showing in "Members Online" panel with strikethrough

    What exactly does this mean? I've banned the user through username and IP, so are they trying to access the forum still? I read in another thread that "Only staff can see the strikethrough on members" which makes sense, but I'd just like to know what it means that they're visible in the Members...
  2. D

    Unmaintained [DevK] View Banned Profiles 1.0.0

    This simple add-on adds the ability to grant your users the ability to view banned profiles without having to set the "Bypass user privacy" permission or making them a moderator. This add on does not override if "Bypass user privacy" is checked.
  3. AndrewSimm

    [Andrew] Banned Users List 1.2.0

    [Andrew] Banned Users List provides a basic list off banned users with the following columns: User name (banned user) Ban started Ban ends (Displays "Never" if the ban is permanent) Banned by Reason Widgets: Recent bans Admin Options: Hide users banned for spam One of the following must be...
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