XF 1.1 Ban users registered since...

I am heavily attacked by spammers since 3 days, I have pages of spam registrations :(

I would like to ban all the users registered in 3 days , is it possible to do that ?
Thanks for quick response ..... I am just very busy nowadays and I cant get it upgraded before the weekend. I had to close registrations due to these spam registrations. Is there anyway to remove those users registered since Monday ? Maybe a sql query ?


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Removing users directly via a query will leave remnants through out the database. The safest way is to delete them from the ACP.
Not ideal !! I have 6 pages registrations in 2 days when I delete a user I am redirected to admin home page and I have to go search for users again and remove another one and same thing goes on and on ! It will take me at least 24 hours if I remove or ban them one by one !