XF 2.2 How to make all registered users reply like unregistered w/ reply permissions?


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Hi all!

I know this is sort of a strange question but I'm figuring out the login setup for an unconventional-type site I'm tinkering with and was wondering if this was possible...

Basically, is there any way to configure my permissions so that all registered users, in addition to unregistered users, are forced to reply like unregistered users granted reply permissions are typically able to (see below)? That is, can I make it so that having a registered user credential acts to provide you access to the forum, then from there you're responding this way each time you want to reply?


Thanks in advance!
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Thank you both! The problem I see with a 'name' custom field, though, is it wouldn't require the logged in user to enter new name info for each reply - like unreg w/ reply permissions does - right? Custom field only prompts users when creating a new thread, right? Or is there a way to add to replies too?
You are confusing thread fields with user fields. A user field can appear under the profile pic of every post if you follow what I posted.
He wants the custom field to be able to change on every submission. So every reply has the ability to have a different name that isn't tied to the user but just to each individual post.
One thought I had would be to "trick" XF in the template code so it thinks logged in users are always unregistered visitors. Is it possible to code something like "if $xf.visitor.user_id isn't '1' (i.e., my admin ID) then set $xf.visitor.user_id to equal 0" ... is it possible to override the system variables in this kind of way?

I'm trying to solve this by messing with the post_macros and quick_reply_macros template code, but it's slow going...
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