XF 2.2 Registered members can no longer edit own posts since upgrading to 2.2.9


Since upgrading to 2.2.9, our edit link for registered members has disappeared. It is, however, there for forum staff user groups with moderating powers.

When analysing the permissions for members in the registered users' group, it states they have permission to edit messages for 10 minutes.

This doesn't seem style-related, as it also happens when using the standard Xenforo style. I have also tried disabling all the addons. This doesn't resolve the problem.

What could be causing this?
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it states they have permission to edit messages for 10 minutes.
What is it supposed to be? Was it 10 minutes before, or is this the problem?

Cannot replicate the issue on a vanilla 2.2.9 install either with timer set or unlimited, editing own posts for normal users works as expected.
(The edit button is visible for the allowed editing period and is removed once the editing window is closed, if not unlimited time for editing)

There are two places to check this:
1) The forum-specific permissions (default forum permissions are 'inherit' and fall back to the user permissions by group)
2) The user group permissions (would need to inspect for any secondary groups assigned on top of the base 'Registered' permissions.)