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I want to first start by thanking Jake and helping me convert from SMF.

BallyHoooo is a promotional forum where you can advertise you sites. You can also post and make money to be advertising space on the forum as well as use the money to buy reviews and post packages. I made the theme myself and still tweaking some things. We do have plans of adding other places to advertise in days to come.
I was thinking the same thing, I made the theme for SMF and then just did some alterations to make it work on xenforo. I have started another theme already.

lol, I see you have said you are changing the theme, so that is good :)

It's a bit unfortunate that there are 3 new "promote your forum" sites who have all started in the same week >_< lol

Guess it's like Buses... none for ages, then 3 come along at once.
True, I didn't see the others til after I posted. I used to own a promotion forum and sold it, so I decided to reopen a new one after taking off almost a year.
Hello All,
Thought I would fill you in on what's going on at BallyHoooo. We are currently having our first SOTM contest. As well as great discussions about forum software and just every day things. We are currently at 1,250 posts over 225 topics and 29 members. I have posted some new free xenforo styles for all to use and currently working on a custom theme for the site. All we need is you to come be apart of the family and advertise you site. Life is just that simple.

Thank you for reading this update.
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