XF 2.2 Converted forum back to General Discussion, but all posts are still Articles


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So we have a specific forum in our community for members to buy, sell, and trade musical instruments among themselves, and I thought it would be cool to try it as an Articles forum with a shiny index page full of big pictures. Easy change! People mostly liked how the index page looked, but not how it or the posts behaved, so the speedy vote was for me to change it back. Another easy change!

Or so I thought! Unlike the folks in other threads here who lamented what was lost along the way in their own conversions/resets (notably, Polls), I didn't lose anything that I can see -- but I can't get the "General discussion" format posts back! This is even though I don't have articles enabled at all anymore.


The index page now looks right -- a standard list, sorted by most recent comments -- but clicking on any of the threads shows them all to be still in the Articles format....which, as you can see in the image above, shouldn't be allowed.

I suspect that I'm leaving some checkbox or other in the wrong position, but I'm not seeing it. The conversion from General discussion was so fast, easy, and complete, with no bad side effects other than the majority of my members not liking it :ROFLMAO: that I just assumed it would be as fast, easy, and complete to convert it back.

Any thoughts for me?

Batch Update Threads for existing. In the cp.

Wow, thanks @beerForo! That's doing the trick! I started with a short search before trying it on all 15,785 threads, and may in fact go in smallish batches to avoid the bug reported on other batch conversions. I still don't know why it didn't work at the forum level when the inbound conversion went so smoothly, but I love having a solution! Thanks again!
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