XF 1.1 Baffling Problem: Growing Number of Users Cannot Post


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We have been having some issues since Monday--namely, a growing number of users cannot post on our forums. Some of the reports from users are quoted below. We have been trying to determine a pattern, but there does not seem to be one.

Affected users have reported using Chrome, Firefox, IE8, and IE9. One user repaired the problem by updating Firefox, but others have the most recent version and cannot post, while others are able to post fine with Firefox. A couple users reported issues in IE8, but some also in IE9. Some have been able to find a workaround by changing themes, but others cannot post in any theme.

No updates or plugins have been added for at least a couple weeks. We did have a power outage at our host a few days ago, but this seemed to be repaired.

My SYSOP and I are totally baffled. Does anyone have any insight at all? The site is located here: http://stratics.com/community. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I cannot access my private messages any longer. The bar that had the notifications and alert and so on is not even there anymore. I'm not sure if you can help, or what I have done, but I miss those features.
When i log into my account, it wont let me post anything or even PM anyone. It will give me the option to, but i can't type anything, its just a blank screen. I dunno who els to contact, if you know anything, It will be greatly appreciated.

I've restarted my comp, logged in and out of my stratics accnt. I honestly dunno whatels to do.
Hi my stratics acct is one of the ones that is messed up currently. I cannot post replies, start new threads or start private conversations. At the present time I have no way to be able to use stratics besides reading it. I am using IE 9 as my browser and classic uo theme. I have tried using a different theme and deleting cookies in internet options with a comp reboot. Neither has fixed the problem. :(
I can not post any replys or edit old replys or anything.
Where it is supposed to be able to there is just black screen.
I have changed nothing on my settings or computer.
Any help would be great.
Email not working at the moment so can you PM me please if you can help.
Thank you
Hm, I've been trying to answer a 4th of July thread since yesterday and it seems I am unable to post on stratics, or send PMs to anyone (start conversations). Is this a bug on my end or something else happening? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
I am not getting a text box to reply/create any messages? can you help
Its been like it for a few days on several diff PC's I am not getting a text box then trying to creat, reply or start/reply in conversations?? is this a known issue?
I can't post in IE, I don't get the box to write the message in. I tryed on 3 different computers. In Firefox I have no problems at home but at work, firefox is not allowed
I'd like to pass on a report just like this from one of my users too - the quick reply box vanishing, but only on a specific topic, and one which is not affected when I view it.

Unlike the OP I have not upgraded to 1.1.3 in fact I have made no styling changes to my forum for some time now and there have been no previous reports of problems. I'll post again when I know more, in the meantime I'm doing the usual, requesting the user clears cookies and cache etc.

Is there a typical or usual cause for the quick reply box not to be displayed?
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