XF 1.5 Bad links in tapatalk


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on my forum a used tapatalk and same plugins.

forum: https://www.19jamka.cz

in posts is link: https://www.19jamka.cz/clanky/5-zajimavych-golfovych-tipu-na-webu.30/

1) on pc/mobile when i click on the link, i go to: https://www.19jamka.cz/clanky/5-zajimavych-golfovych-tipu-na-webu.30/ (correct)
2) by tapatalk when i click on the link , i go to: https://www.19jamka.cz/threads/simulator-versus-hriste.5/ (bad)

The link is the same, a dont know, where is problem. But the same problem i have in with links to media gallery etc. Pls, help me.