Trending, Participated and Timeline quick links like in Tapatalk

Stuart Wright

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In order to get rid of Tapatalk, I want to implement tabs or links similar to those which Tapatalk users love. Each tab opens a list of threads

In the above Tapatalk screen capture, Browse shows the usual forum list, Subscribed is simply Watched Threads and Unread is just New Posts.

At the moment the vanilla Xenforo can't do the Trending, Participated or Timeline tabs.
Trending seems like an obvious addition for Xenforo with various options for how to determine what is trending (views and/or replies) and from what forums to include threads. See the addon which currently provides similar functionality
Participated is the list of threads a user has posted in, ordered by last post date. This is not the same as 'Your Content' as that is posts or threads started by the user.
Timeline is the threads from all the forums. I commissioned the Digest addon to do something similar to this, but it doesn't allow the listing of all threads from all (or admin selected) forums. It transferred to Themehouse when Waindigo left.

I wonder whether in the XF2 revamp, consideration could be made to incorporate these different quick ways of accessing desired threads?
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Stuart Wright

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How come you're getting rid of Tapatalk Stuart?
I've wanted to for a long time but can't really while the mobile version of the site is so bloated and lacking functionality. I want to get rid of it because
  • Don't like giving access to our database to a third party (is the big reason)
  • No control over the user experience. Which means
    • No integration of our editorial content
    • Missing features from other addons like
      • The Digest View
      • Custom new thread fields which means
        • People can't post new classified adverts
  • No control over the placement of adverts
  • Too frequent bugs, glitches or changes which produce features or problems I really do not want (a recent example being the app popup prompt appearing when visiting the site on mobile)
  • No control over the registration process
I could list more.