Backing up via FTP


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Can anyone suggest software (PC not Mac for this one) that can automatically backup my websites overnight, by FTP?

Currently I use cron jobs on the server to do MySQL dumps and a tar of all the files to a backup folder on the server. But I'd like to automate downloading copies of these to my PC, in case the worst happens with the host. Also making a local copy means I can back that up too, for even more security.

Ideally, either something that can scan my whole site and just download the changed files. Or, something that can scan the back-up folder each night and download any new files there (which will be the new backups).

I'm thinking that downloading my entire website backups each night (> 20GB) will blow my ISP's bandwidth limits very quickly, hence maybe this needs to be done as an incremental backup? What would be great would an on-going incremental backup (daily) and maybe a weekly or fortnightly back-up of the entire .tar archive on the server.

I've Googled and the only thing I can find is Site Vault.

Just to say, I don't really want to back-up to another website, I specifically want to back-up to my home PC.



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Another option would be Windows Services for UNIX + rsync, which is distributed by Interex. I had this setup up so when I would boot my Windows PC, I would get the latest mysql dump from my server and download all the delta differences (ie changed files).

I now use a QNAP NAS with RAID storage to perform my backups. It powers up once per day and runs a custom script that rsyncs everything on my server (including database dumps). The NAS also has mysql installed and the script restores the backup databases to ensure that they are valid.