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XF 1.2 Backing up the database questions.

Discussion in 'XenForo Questions and Support' started by LurkerLou, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. LurkerLou

    LurkerLou Active Member

    When backing up the database would I want to select "Complete Inserts," and/or "Extended Inserts?"

    These are the options I currently use to backup the database. Do they all look correct?
  2. ForestForTrees

    ForestForTrees Well-Known Member

  3. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    When doing it on localhost via phpMyAdmin I just leave it at the defaults.
    When doing it via SSH I use this:
    mysqldump -u<user> -p<password> --single-transaction --skip-lock-tables <db-name> > /path/to/backup/<db-name>_$(date +%d.%m.%y).sql
  4. AndyB

    AndyB Well-Known Member

    I suggest you don't use phpMyAdmin to backup your server. Use mysqldump as it's the only reliable method IMHO.
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  5. RoldanLT

    RoldanLT Well-Known Member

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  6. Andy.N

    Andy.N Well-Known Member

    which version are you using? Are they working with 1.3.0?
  7. RoldanLT

    RoldanLT Well-Known Member

    Just using the recent version v2.0.11, I don't have any idea about 1.3.0 :)
  8. Andy.N

    Andy.N Well-Known Member

    I mean XF 1.3.0 beta. Are they working fine?
    How are you backing up? daily to the server and ftp it somewhere else?
  9. RoldanLT

    RoldanLT Well-Known Member

    Yes I'm using XF 1.3.0
    My Database size is almost 2GB (1.8GB to be specific)
    Yes it works fine.
    I'm backing up it manually, you may create a cron to backup your database using another server, with this: http://sypex.net/en/products/dumper/docs/

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