XF 1.1 [b5] Incomplete Upgrade


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I upgraded 1.00 to 1.1b5 and had some trouble with the files uploading. The first time I uploaded the files, it never finished and failed. I uploaded them a second time and all but one file was uploaded. The file was Cron.php. No matter what I tried, it wouldn't upload. It looked like it uploaded on the previous attempt (same date) so I went ahead with the upgrade.

In my admin panel, the thread pre-fixes link doesn't exsist and when I go to thread pre-fixes under the forum tab, it says I have error/ no permission. The custom profiles fields also don't show in the post with the option checked.

Is there anyway to rebuild the templates etc. after another upload attempt or would I need to wait for b6/rc1 (or even do a fresh install).



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How do I restore the templates or rebuild the master data without doing a re-installation?
Navigate to the install path, for example http://www.example.com/forum/install/ and click on Rebuild Master Data.

Although I'm not sure if that will resolve your issue.

Also run the file health check.


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I re-uploaded and followed the above but nothing changes. Is this a server problem? FTP client problem? The server was acting up last week but the file health check doesn't find anything wrong.

Here is what I'm getting:

File Health Check (okay):

No thread pre-fixes under applications:

This shows under the forum:

And this is what happens when I follow the link:


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This is just a permissions thing then - a super administrator will need to explicitly give those to you. (The super admins are configured via a comma-delimited list of user IDs in library/config.php.)

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Check your permissions:

Admin CP -> Users -> Administrators -> [click your name] -> Manage threads and posts

You might have to make yourself a super admin by adding this line to your library/config.php file:

$config['superAdmins'] = '1';
Enter your user_id.

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Thanks, everything seems to be fixed now. I imported my forum over to XF which made my user id=2.