XF 2.2 Style export is incomplete


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My styles have an empty extra.less, but what normally is included in extra.less is now put in dts_extra.less.
app_user_banners.less has an reference to use dts_extra.less

Whenever I export a style as XML or as archive and Export as independent style activated, the exported file still has the reference in app_user_banners.less.
But dts_extra.less is not included in the exported file.

I do not understand this.

As to why I compiled my styles this way, it makes the styles faster.


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If you added dts_extra.less at the master level, it will not export. It sounds you like you may have done that.

I'm curious though, why do you feel it's faster with your approach?


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If you add a template when the "master style" is selected, it will not export with your styles you've created (maybe if you've customized it on child style).

Would you be able to post a screenshot of your style structure?


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Ok so really the "Export as independent " option will only "work" on like 3 of your styles (IPBEE PCS / Smastfast 2 - Kerst / Smartfast 2 - Oud en Nieuw

Export as independent simply exports with the style with along with the parent edits included into it. Most of your styles have no parent style so that option doesn't really make sense. Are you saying the dts_extra.less makes changes in ALL of those styles? If so, then yes you added that template at the "master level" and I don't think it'd be export with your styles.

Also, why are you editing a core template just to include your own custom template while leaving extra.less blank? I don't understand this logic in this specific case. I don't know why you'd think it'd be faster (unless I'm missing something).