XF 1.5 Style Export Question


so this is my first post on this great forum so be gentile with me please :p

Anyway I've been working on two styles for a web page(sugarbombed.com) and something went wrong on the beta site. So long story short... The only way for me to connect to the beta site is to SSH onto it.

My question is if it's possible to download the stlye .xml file via scp? Or is the style .xml compiled only when you press the export button?

Thanks for the help!
Actually somehow by sheer luck I managed to login long enough to download the styles... Don't really know how that happened, but probably the main admin of the site did something :D

As for the error... There are some SQL syntax errors that aren't allowing the beta to be loaded. The problem with ACP was that I couldn't login, I came as far as the login form for the ACP but it wouldn't allow me any further. But that somehow sorted itself out.

Anyway thanks for clearing up the thing with the style .xml export. I really REALLY need to export it on a daily basis because the beta I use for development is severely unstable ATM.
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