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Hi all,

Before I purchase a xenforo license, I would like to check if the following features are available, or if I am able to implement them using plug-ins.
I currently have a wordpress site in which I would like to implement a xenforo forum on to it. Is this as simple as uploading the files onto my host and setting up a subdomain for the forum?

With regards to the specific features I would like on the forums; are users able to:

1) Post as anonymous (username hidden) by checking a tick-box before submitting thread / post. However Admins should available to see the original username.

2) Option to allow the thread to be made visible to the public, or as private. Private threads where only the original poster & selected administrators or a specific user role can view the thread.


1)How easy is it to re-skin the forums, change the layout to make it more simplified & user friendly. The forum is for a charity & the interface must be clear and easy to navigate.

2)Is it possible to reformat the post form, again reiterating on simplifying to make is a simple & easy process for users to post.

3)Either develop or find a plugin; a bridge to connect wordpress user database with xenforo database. If a user signs up in wordpress, same user credentials in xenforo and vice versa.

Looking forward to hearing responses from the community & developers.
If some of these features are not available, then I am also open to any offers from developers who are willing to work with me.



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1) Requires an add-on. I believe there is one around here somewhere.
2) Yes, this is possible with the permissions systems.

1) Quite easy.
2) Yes.
3) There are several bridges available.


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Thanks for your reply.

Can anyone point me in the right direction fro the add-on that allows the user to post as anonymous (via a checkbox before posting).

Also what is the most stable & reliable bridge available if there are several?

Thanks again