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Hi there, just have a few questions prior to me finally taking the step to purchase xenforo. I have decided to purchase xenforo + Resource Manager for now. Elastic search maybe later as I am unsure if my forum will become successful or not. As for media manager, I would like to know more about it and how it looks like. Is there a section I can see it in action? What is its main purpose?

I'm probably going to start out with a shared hosting plan that has the most resources (Usually the most expensive and 4th one to choose from among the plans) as I am unsure how big the forum will get - if even successful that is. Given my very limited knowledge in coding (although I am generally okay with PCs) - Will I need a xenforo representative to install it for me or can I do it alone quite easily? Note that I already have the domain ready.

Regarding addons, there seems to be a vast amount of them. I have also read that XF 2.3 - 3 is coming out sometime this year and I wouldn't want to get addons that won't work after the XF upgrade. I'm mainly looking for addons that have these features to begin with:

  • Allow me to create a template for my users to fill out and post (Like a review system)
  • Reputation addons
  • React/Like system for posts
  • Custom userbars (I may ask a graphic artist to design them for me)
  • Monetization/ads addons
  • Donation addon
  • Be able to hide certain sections of the forum unless customers are subscribed
  • Option to make only first 2-3 (or custom number) of each threads posts visible and the rest private unless user is subscribed addon

With regards to theme/style, I'm not too fussed although I will probably pay a graphic artist to make me a banner to place at the top of the forum. Is this doable?

Are addons in general a 1 time purchase or more of a subscription based thing? Also, if I purchase addons, will they still work even if I don't renew? I assume I'll just be missing out on any updates if that's the case?

Are these available/possible at all? If I can tick most of those boxes then I'm quite good to go.

Thank you in advance for your help and support.

xf 3 is a long way out it seems. 2.3 may be more realistic to consider. Either way, upgrades are pretty painless. If you customize a lot of styles, that may be the biggest issue going to 2.3.

There's many addons that cover most of the things you are looking for, or are default in xf. likes, permissions to view, styles/customizations are all native.
rep, reviews, ads, donations, etc are all available as free or paid 3rd party addons. How they are paid is up the the developer. most are one time fees. some are yearly. some are free.

Throwing up a graphic is straight forward.

I think you're good to go.
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