MG 2.2 Any hidden features of MG for XF?


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I do not really have a need for MG. In my forum, the users upload their images into threads of XF.

I wonder, whether there are any advantages to install MG nevertheless, to have maybe access to other features after that within XF?

What I am looking for within the xenforo part is

  • Display of Exif data within Xenforo
  • Embed Flickr, Pbase etc. easier into Xenforo
  • Better shrinking options if users try to upload images, which are too big in KB and Pixelsize within Xenforo
My question is: If I buy MG, will anything of the above be better within Xenforo?

(I would hide then the tab for MG, because I want that my users use Xenforo only)
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