XF 2.2 No manage URL specified and no uploaders available.


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What would be the reason for this error to show up?

I created a simple add on which displays a slider with images from a specific thread.
The tricky part was to display only the images (because each post contains some text too) so this is my code:
<div class="message">
    <xf:if is="$post.embed_metadata.attachments">
        <xf:foreach loop="$post.embed_metadata.attachments" value="$attachmentId">
            <xf:set var="$postImgs">[ATTACH type="thumbnail"]{$attachmentId}[/ATTACH]</xf:set>
            {{ bb_code($postImgs, 'post', $post) }}

It worked perfectly for a few days, but then stopped.
The src in the image tag is correct, but the images are displayed as blank divs
The console shows the following error:
No manage URL specified and no uploaders available. https://www.mywebsite.com/js/xf/attachment_manager-compiled.js?_v=676a0f5f

Is it a caching issue or something else?

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