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Hey guys, I was wondering if there's a way to automatically add a suffix to all the forums under a specific parent forum. The main reason for this would be for SEO.

The only reason why I don't do this manually is because I don't want the name of the forum that shows up on the outside to contain the word "forum". Instead I was hoping something can add it to the h1 once you click into it.

Atfirst I was thinking of doing this with javascript/jquery but I don't think that'll help with SEO then because it would change the h1 onload.

It would be similar to this:

where if you look on the forum listing page the name of the forum is just "Might Monsters" but once you click in or search in google it shows as "Might Monsters Forum"


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Any ideas anyone?

It seems like it's default behavior for VB. Has this been thought of to be added into xenforo's core. It seems to help alot with SEO.

Jake Bunce

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