XF 1.5 Automated Bounced Email Handler NOT working despite CORRECT configuration


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We've had Automated Bounced Email Handler enabled for years from the start on our XF 1.5 board.

We noticed that the Bounced Email Log is empty.

However, the Bounced E-mail Address we set has over 40,000 emails in it that were never pulled by XF's bounced email handler.

When we run the "Process Email Bounces" manually, nothing seems to happen. No errors either.

We have double and triple-checked the configuration of the bounced email address in XF (even to the point of resetting the password and copying and pasting that new password into XF), but nothing seems to work. We even tried with and without Encryption, but again, nothing seems to work.

How can we debug and fix this so it actually works as intended?

Thank you.

Here is a screenshot of the settings: