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  1. M

    XF 2.2 Is there an email bounce block list/blacklist/blocklist? Or is the only record the user state change? Can accounts be blocked for bounced emails?

    I did some searches and from what I gather when a user's email bounces it changes their "user state". But what happens when that user changes their email to a new valid/invalid email? Is there a record/list containing the old email and keeping it blocked, or does the old email get completely...
  2. Chad

    XF 2.2 Automated bounced email handler

    I enabled Automated bounced email handler and I see so far over 1k bounced emails from a newsletter sent after the option was enabled. However, I started looking up some of the bounced emails and they are still showing "Receive news and update emails" enabled option in their profiles. Am I...
  3. XFuser

    XF 1.5 Automated Bounced Email Handler NOT working despite CORRECT configuration

    Hello, We've had Automated Bounced Email Handler enabled for years from the start on our XF 1.5 board. We noticed that the Bounced Email Log is empty. However, the Bounced E-mail Address we set has over 40,000 emails in it that were never pulled by XF's bounced email handler. When we run the...
  4. DeltaHF

    Bounced Email Users Should Be Able to Re-Activate Their Account

    If a user's account is placed into the "Email invalid (bounced)" state, the only way they can restore their account is by changing their email address. This is not explained in the error message displayed, nor do I believe it is optimal behavior. For example, if their account was deactivated...
  5. ActorMike

    XF 1.5 Bounced Emails going to Default Email Address

    Our bounced emails always are returned to the board's Default Email Address when we sent out emails to our users. even though I setup a separate email address from our default email address called noreply@ to handle bounces. The bounce log is always empty. Transport method is default and Set...
  6. jauburn

    XF 1.5 Bounce email handling question

    I'm not sure what to put in "host," "port," "user name and password" fields of this section, nor am I sure whether to choose pop3 or imap or any of the encryption options. Can someone help or is there step-by-step instructions somewhere? Should the user name be entered with a plus sign, as in...
  7. BassMan

    XF 1.5 Bounced email + SparkPost

    Hi, anyone figured out how to set up automated bounced email while usong SparkPost for SMTP? I tried to set up gmail account for bounces, but I gor server error (, 993, SSL). BassMan
  8. bloop

    XF 1.4 Setting Accounts With Bounced Emails

    I've filtered out my email list and created a list of bounced emails. With the list of bounced emails what would be the most efficient/quickest way to mark accounts that have bounced emails? I would do them one by one but there are 300+ accounts with bounced emails. Hope that makes...
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