Authenticated users cannot see Recent Posts easily

hey guys,
just a dumb question/doubt.

Do you know the Recent Posts tab visible on the menu bar when NOT connected as a forum user? This is extremely useful cause it shows the latest messages, chronologically sorted.

When logged in, you miss that button and functionality.
How to make it appear to actual forum users? they asked this to me and I'm not sure how to proceed

Thanks a lot

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
But registered users do see the "New Posts" button which is far more useful as it shows the latest messages, chronologically that the user hasn't read yet.

That said you can modify the conditional in the navigation template very easily to show the link to both logged in and logged out users.

Or install the add-on that Ninja just posted...
thank you both, I will install the add on - it's kinda weird I need to have an add on for such a functionality :)

Chris, you are right but that is not useful enough (as several users complain, it means actually they might be right) cause once you read them, you are not able to go back to them easily. You need to remember where it was / topic title or location. Know what I mean?

Thanks again, I'd appreciate you could at least put this as an option in future versions of XF.

Take care