Australians and Ratios.


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I don't want this to be taken wrong so I will start off with I like the Aussies out here and everything. I am just wondering how there is so many of them online. Note, I find the Aussies delightful and am glad they are here.

Population of Austrailia 21.431 million.

You are smaller than California, and Texas, in population and not much bigger than New York and Florida.

A European comparison would put the Aussies about the same size as Romania.

Compared to Asian countries it would be 21 or 22 in population.

How are there seemingly so many Aussies?

Anthony Parsons

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If beer and bbq's where downloadable... every aussie would be online downloading them..

This is why I love this country... its near the same size as the entire USA in land mass, yet our population is so small compared to most being in the Southern hemisphere.


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I believe the pertinent ratio you need to look at is Australian adoption of technology, last stats I saw (sorry no link) had the Aussies leading the world in pick up. Of course Kiwis jumped on the bandwagon so we could abuse Aussies in front of a world wide audience ;)


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In the Developed world, we're reasonably well educated, reasonably well paid, tech savvy and interested in the world around us... Aussies travel a lot as young adults, we also sailed through the recent GFC with minimal impact on employment or business closures, all of which makes for a pretty active online nation.

Plus we love a good party... and there's plenty of those online! :D


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lol this is probably very bad.

but when I think of Australia I think of Kangaroo Jack haha. I don't believe I've had the pleasure of meeting an Aussie in person yet. But I would imagine they are pretty cool people.


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Interesting though, I had never read those stats or articles before... in fact I know very few Kiwi women as well... so can't say if it is all BS or not.