Admin option to turn off comments and ratings for ALBUMS (not the media inside)


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I would like to suggest an admin option to turn off comments and ratings for albums (not the media inside them just the album before you enter).

I have issues with people thinking they are adding media using the editor of the reply box of an album. Besides that, I just don't want the comments on albums. I'd like to turn them off and just have a tidy list of albums with media and comments inside only.

Album ratings could be left on independently if not requiring a comment but would need to be off if you require a comment for a rating.

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I'm still having a huge problem with this. Any albums you make public, the members use the album comments box instead of clicking Add Media. And you can't make it media because it's a comment. They are attaching or embedding there because they enter the album and then see the box. I even have a notice and it does not work.

I was thinking instead of an option to turn comments off, one alternative could be to use group permissions:
XFMG: Album permissions
And add:
Add album comments*
View album comments*
*This setting does not affect the content inside the album.

The edit settings etc. would be inherited from the main Gallery group permission. Something like that. So if we say No for everyone it is existentially Off. But this way you could keep it on for some, or just the reading. It may be more versatile this way.

I am open to any way comments for actual albums (not the individual content) can be deactivated.

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