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Audio - Creates an Audio BB Code to play audio files in messages.


Creates an Audio BB Code to play audio files in messages.

  • Uses HTML <audio> tag.
  • Plays MP3, Wav and Ogg audio files.
  • Uses full URL in option portion of the BB Code.
How to use:

  1. Create a new post and add the following code:


  2. Save post.
  3. Click play button to hear audio.

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Thank you for this addon , been waiting a while for someone to come up with a good one like this...

ragtek helped me out a long time ago with a similar addon but he is no longer around...
Although his fed the .mp3 from my Shoutcast server...

One question.. Can the player be altered..?

Hi Andy. I have your mod installed. Works fine with direct mp3 files (remote). But, using a shared dropbox link, it doesn't work. The strange thing that happens is that the player will show up, and about 3 seconds later just disappear from the browser. Weird outcome.

Do you know of a trick around this? I'd like to utilize Dropbox (or even OneDrive) to use these uploaded files remotely and offset from the site's own drive and server.
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