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Man oh man Andy. This is AWESOME !!!! Thank you for just supporting the xenforo community with your many, many useful add-ons. You are the man and this add-on ROCKS !!!!
Clean and simple add-on. Had no trouble installing it and it worked as advertised. Was even able to convert existing [MP3]-tagged post content to take advantage of this plugin. Thank you for this great utility.
I just installed the Audio addon and works like a charm. Another five-star AndyB addon. .
its very nice,that was what i was looking for an i am so happy to find your product...thank you so muc and i suggest anybody who need mp3 player for their site...
thank you
I've been waiting for this for a long time! Absolutely excellent add-on, easy and gets the job done nicely. Til now I've turned my audios into static videos and then added them to posts. This helps me avoid doing duplicate work. Thank you!
The new Audio plugin is super simple in design and super easy to use. Great and fast response from the developer on an initial suggestion has made this the perfect MP3 embedding tool for my site - a must for anyone looking to embed audio files directly into posts.
Thanks a lot, you are really a sharp coder.
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