Attention designers & style-makers.


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I have no idea whatsoever about such things and would be interested in any of you wizards taking a look at the templates and what have you in Contentteller (Ct) and commenting on how easy you reckon it would be to style it in a XenForo theme, compared with doing something similar in, for example, xF, vB or WordPress.

If you are interested in looking at the adminCP, just register on my xF/Ct TEST SITE and let me know on this thread and I’ll upgrade your account to admin status, so you can have a look, but please only look, if you want an actual play you can download a 30-day free trial version from the Contentteller website.

This is an extension to my other thread - Help to test my Contentteller CMS bridged xenForo install.

The original thread by Steven S about Ct is - HERE