Not a bug Attachments are not following user group permissions


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If I have few private forums and users are uploading attachments to these forums, anyone can access these attachments by just browsing the /attachments/ path.

For example, I've uploaded an image to a private forum and its path is:
Then, a user that doesn't have an access to the forum that this image was uploaded to can access the image directly through his/her browser, although this user doesn't have any access to the forum this image was uploaded to.
Users can basically browse attachments from 1 to whatever and see everything they shouldn't be able to see.
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The /internal_data directory respects the permissions set in the forum so I don't see how this can be possible.

Can you post links to threads in the private forum and also the relevant attachments?


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Permissions are checked in the attachment handler. Can you send me a link to an attachment I shouldn't be able to see?

I'd also recommend confirming with an incognito browser session (not logging out) and with add-ons disabled. Attachments are fairly strongly cached so logging out may still trigger the cache.